Roleplaying illustrated




f001_Huntress f002_Huntress2 f003_Elfcentinel f004_priest f005_plaguequeen f006_illusionist
f008_guard f009_seaserpent f010_darkelf f011_warhammer f012_oldhag
f014_dancerthief f015_mounting f016_dryade f017_rangerandfox f018_Elfchild
f019_shaman f020_unicorn f021_illusionist f022_centaurs f023_castle f024_elf
f025_yellowbird f026_archer f027_necromancer f028_elementalpriest f029_centaurs f030_herbalists


I am not faithful to one particular idea of how the realm of fantasy looks. Some of these characters have a sheet and a background, others do not. Please feel free to give them any story you please in your roleplayinggame. If one developes a particular story or personality in your game, I'd be delighted to hear about it!

If you just need a face, look trough the other galleries aswell.