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Free illustrations for your roleplaying-game!

Bad-guys, good-guys, maybe you even find someone who looks just like one of the player characters!
This page provides a useful resource to every game-master and a visual touch to your roleplaying-game.
Most game-masters make their own chronicles or add their own touches to ready-made worlds, but most can't be bothered to draw every character they invent. Well, here they are.
The page is frequently updated with new faces. Look trough the galleries to choose your pick, and read about how to order free high quality images here.
The illustrations may not be used for commercial purposes or publications.
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Get your own character custom made!

Every character is unique and deserves a unique portrait. No print-out...the real thing. Any tecnique seen in the gallery is available. If you need an illustration that is not exactly a character, or you want a whole group or whatever, don't hesitate to ask. Prices depend on how much work there is (and how far I have to send it). This is meant to be a page from one enthusiastic roleplayer to others, I don't overprice.
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Illustrated stories

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The idea of Roleplaying illustrated

If you have checked out the gallery you have seen a variation of characters and tecniques, no uniform neat concept as you might find in a book. The purpose of this page, for me that is, is to learn about what who appreciates and why.
In the subject of illustration there is always a lot to learn, and I find that my knowledge is especially incomplete as to how people (who are not friends, family or other professionals) actually respond to my work. That is one reason why I decided to create this page. Another reason is that I apreciate the process of creating with someone. Those who want me to draw their character for them, normally has a picture of what the character looks like in their minds. I have to try capturing that image. This is something I deal with in my work aswell, but the more people I learn with, the better I will understand this process and know the best questions to ask. The last and most important reason is that I love drawing and painting and role-playing, and evil-looking mysterious armed people will never be a boring motive. Thank you for reading to the bottom of the page. ;)

Ane S. Hem


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